Student CHANGE Club

 Student QUALITY Circle


In furthering the development of the student activities a Student CHANGE Club (SCC) is going to be inaugurated in our college to provide opportunities to the students to excel in all spheres.

CHANGE is not the word but the maxim of the club to inculcate the good qualities abbreviated among the students.









The aim of the SCC is:   

  • To strengthen the unity among the students.

  • To impart good qualities among them.

  • To provide opportunity to know the activities of the department.

  • To have a planned action for the future.

  • To provide a platform for the students to excel in extra and co-curricular activities.

  • To explicit the educational opportunities to the students.


A  Student Quality Circle (SQC) will be formed by the Head of the Departments in their respective department. The

SQC is responsible for running the SCC. The guidelines for formation are given below.


Formation of the Student Quality Circle

Two conveners (a boy & a girl) from each year totally 6 in a department.

The conveners for the first Year from each branch totally 6.

Conveners can elect one of them to be their Guide.

Conveners need not inevitably be the class representative.


The activity of SCC:

Conducting a Prayer Meeting once in a week in a common hall where all the students of the department can be accommodated.


The schedule of the Prayer Meeting:

(Time: 09.15am-09.30am)

Monday             -   ECE Department

Tuesday           -   EEE  & MECH Department

Wednesday     -   IT Department

Thursday         -   CSE Department

Friday              -   Civil & Humanities and Science Department

The Agenda for the Prayer Meeting:

1 minute              -   Silent Prayer

1 minute              -   Reading from the Holy Scriptures or Message from Thirukkural

5 minute              -   Appreciation of the work done

5 minute              -   Discussing the action plan of SQC for the forthcoming days.

2 minute              -   Relishing the memories of the week

1 minute             -   Thanksgiving