The English Department of Kings College of Engineering has an excellent collection of audio-video teaching aids to help students improve their spoken English. A full-fledged language laboratory with multimedia facilities has been set up in the newly built library block to facilitate students to prepare for TOEFL, GRE and IELTS. Keeping in mind, the fact that many students from the southern districts of Tamil Nadu come from the Tamil medium of education, the English Department of Kings takes special efforts to help students improve their English skills.

    Mathematics at Kings College of Engineering reflects the ever increasing need for Engineering graduates who not only have quantitative skills but also know how to use them. The department takes a fresh new approach to the teaching of mathematics, evident both in the style of teaching and in the focus on improving their problem-solving and analytical skills. Extra staff members have been employed and the class strength has been reduced from the traditional 60 per class to 30 students per class to increase the focus on individual students.

    Besides the various academic activities that are a part of the course curriculum, the departments encourage students to perform experiments individually and special care is taken to strengthen their knowledge of the fundamentals of Physics and Chemistry. Both the departments have excellent laboratory facilities that are comparable with the best in the state. In fact, many members of the inspection team of the University have appreciated the infrastructure and facilities available in the Physics and Chemistry labs.