Beyond the classrooms…

Kings' educational philosophy has always been to prepare its students for life and leadership. To help them to learn and grow in as many dimensions as possible, Kings College of Engineering strives to provide its students an environment that is conducive to learning both within the classroom and beyond it. Kings has always believed in complementing academics with a wide range of extra-curricular programmes, services and activities to enhance the overall educational experience of the students. These events provide the students exposure to a variety of social, cultural, intellectual, recreational and entrepreneural opportunities and challenges. Such experiences are meant to enrich the lives of students and help them fulfill their potential.

NSS National Service Scheme

The National Service Scheme (NSS), sponsored by the Ministry of Youth Affairs, Government of India, functions effectively on the campus, conducting tree planting campaigns, blood donation camps and free eye camps. First Aid awareness programmes and AIDS awareness programmes are also organized. Engaging in social activity to bridge the gap between the fortunate and the less fortunate through empowerment is the main focus of NSS activity.

NSS Report

YRC Youth Red Cross Society

The Youth Red Cross Society (YRC), is the most important constituent of its parent organization Indian Red Cross Society. The main objectives of the YRC movement is based on the principles of protection of health and life, service to the sick and suffering, promotion of national and international friendship to develop the mental and moral capacities of youth. The YRC wing of our college organizes blood donation camps and health camps periodically.

NSS Photo

3i Centre - Institution Industry Interaction Centre

Throughout the academic year Kings organises and hosts a good number of guest lectures and seminars featuring well-known national and international speakers. These lectures and seminars are of great benefit to students in terms of stimulating ideas and offering insights into a range of topics relevant to students' courses of study. Participation is actively encouraged.

CITIZEN CONSUMER CLUB is a consumer forum of Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection Department, Government of Tamil Nadu The CITIZEN CONSUMER CLUBS will work on the motivational zeal of consumer groups and on the case of creating awareness among students at a very young age and through them the general public. We aim to build in children conscientiousness in doing what is right and boldness to question the wrong. Motto of Citizen Consumer Club “AWARE! ALERT!! And ACT!!!” should be ingrained in students adopting innovative means. Government of Tamil Nadu is very keen to ensure that Citizen Consumer Clubs are vehicles to the creation of enlightened Consumer of future India.