Kings College of Engineering (KCE) is run by Raj Educational Trust. (RET), Chennai is a registered trust under the Tamil Nadu Registration Act with a clear and concrete motive of spreading the wealth of knowledge. As the trustees come from a family, which has struggled for the freedom of our motherland and has roots in serving the army to protect the interests and integrity of our mother nation, discipline and service mindedness is an integral part of this trust.

Managing Trustee

    Mrs. Renuka Devi, Trustee - Born     into    the   family    of   an  ex-serviceman, Shri. V.H.N. Dass, who fought for and served in the Indian Army valiantly and from a family of Gandhians that was involved at various levels of the Freedom Struggle, she grew amongst unsung heroes of the Great Indian Freedom Movement. She is a simple, valiant and straight-forward woman of grit and sincerity. Apart from being a founding trustee, she also served as our first Managing Trustee. Born into a family such as this it was only natural for her to get into the service-oriented field of education.




Trust Members

   Mr.T.R.S.Muthukumaar, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) 

   Kings college of Engineering.

   Mr. S. Ilavarasan



   Mrs. Sharmila Rajaa, Chief Financial Officer (CFO)