The British Council Library network provides you with access to contemporary British ideas and expertise. Our members tell us that their membership has been critical to their personal and professional development. Organisational members tell us that membership to the British Council Library has provided benefit to individuals in the organisations as well as the organisation as a whole.  We provide access to the latest ideas in your area of study, in your professional life, or in your career development. If you simply want to read books, our Library has something for you.

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Our network of 9 libraries provides you with access to a vast array of resources. You can use our library for learning, research, professional or recreational needs. At our Library you can borrow books, access an increasing electronic resource collection, get information about studying in the UK, apply for a scholarship programme, or network with other professionals in your area of interest.

We endeavour to offer a combination of online and off-line information resources designed to provide you with a holistic and comprehensive service.

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  • Buy the books withdrawn from the Library collection at a discounted price