For a social cause…

AIDS Awareness Rally

Kings College of Engineering organised an AIDS Awareness Rally in association with the AIDS Society to create awareness about AIDS. Students and staff members participated in the rally carrying banners and small boards with messages about HIV-AIDS and went on foot covering a distance of 3 kms. Pamphlets and stickers containing information about AIDS were distributed all along the way. The programme was appreciated by many eminent persons of Thanjavur.


Achievement... Kings Industrial Robot

The students of our college under the guidance of our principal have recently designed and developed a multi-task robot - "Kings Industrial Robot" for mechanical oriented jobs like milling, deburring, grinding, drilling, spray painting, cutting and welding. The entire operations of the robot can be controlled by voice commands and remote access. This robot based on electro-mechanical systems provides lot of research opportunities for students on artificial intelligence, artificial neural networks, machine learning, blue tooth technology etc. Interestingly, this type of industrial robot is not found in any other engineering college in India or anywhere else in the world. The process of patenting the same has also begun.

A modern state-of-the-art "Robotics Lab" has recently been instituted to help the students to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in robotics and programming. It also facilitates the students to create, program, simulate and control the entire operation of the robot.