Goals and Objectives


Welcome to our Alumni Association


  • To establish and maintain an alumni association structure - board, chapters, batch representatives that will enable in the smooth governance of the association.

  • Central, regional and local alumni associations.

  • Small informal group meetings of alumni.

  • Visits of the members of the faculty and administration of the College to alumni centres.

  • Maintaining an active alumni head quarters on the College campus.

  • Organizing reunions on the College campus or other places.

  • Celebrations in alumni centres.

  • To further the social, literary and cultural interests of the alumni and alumnae through the publication of articles, through functions and meetings of the associations, and in other ways.

  • To promote the interests of Kings college of Engineering by Fostering and keeping alive loyalty to the College and a continuing concern for its welfare;

  • Raising funds and securing gifts for the College for special or general purposes and Communication with the authorities of the College on matters of mutual interest.

  • To support the institute with resources that it will need for its various activities.

  • To strengthen ties between the Institute and alumni and encourage them to participate in the various cultural and social activities.

  • To promote and foster mutually beneficial interaction between the Alumni and the present students of the KCE and between Alumni themselves.

  • To institute prizes for outstanding project work, research papers or other professional activities by the students of the institute, also to recognize outstanding social and community service by the Alumni and the students.