Kings College of Engineering (KCE)  was established in the year 2001 by  Raj Educational Trust (RET). Our Institution was formed  with the singular aim of providing quality education to the poor and under-privileged students of this region. Our steps are measured and taken with our goal in mind, which is to become a renowned institution where knowledge is a way of life. We at Kings value the gift of Knowledge but do not put a price tag on it. We remain strong in our policy of "No Donations and No Capitation" and have focused in admitting students strictly on the basis of merit. Due consideration is given to the economical state of the family in admitting students from the under-privileged sections of the community.

Situated on the Thanjavur - Pudukkottai Highway, The KCE campus spreads over 50 acres in a beautiful serene atmosphere ideally suited for technical education .The infrastructure and facilities available on campus are amongst very best which has made it as one of the most sought after college in this region.

Welcome to Kings, where you will be crowned as the KING OF KNOWLEDGE.