Programme Outcomes


Graduates will demonstrate basic knowledge in Mathematics, & Science.

Graduates will acquire adequate basic knowledge in Electrical & Electronics Engineering.

Graduates will be able to identify, formulate and solve Electrical & Electronics Engineering problems

Graduates will be able to devise electric circuits, analog & digital systems by conducting suitable experiments, analysis and interpretation of data.

Graduates will be able to design a system, component or process as per the needs of the problem identified and also the performance of the system can be improved by designing suitable controllers.

Graduates will have the ability to understand the required specifications / needs of the industry/society and will be able to design electrical machines such as DC & AC motors, DC Generators, Alternators and Transformers.

Graduates will develop the skills to work on laboratories and multi disciplinary projects to design novel products.

Graduates will update their knowledge in design tools and software such as SCADA, LABVIEW, MATLAB, PLC, AU Power Lab, P-Spice and Psim which plays a major role in automation of core industries.

Graduates will communicate effectively in verbal and written forms with good leadership, managing qualities in teamwork.

Graduates will develop self learning in them for widening and updating their knowledge in engineering and technology and ultimately it leads to lifelong learning for their successful career.

Graduates will engage themselves in finding solution for global issues such as energy demand and more work on non renewable and alternate sources of energy are encouraged.

Graduates can participate and succeed in competitive examinations such as GATE, TANCET, GRE, TOEFL, GMAT, for doing their higher studies and Engineering services, Civil services, Engineer trainee examinations for their career.