Programme Outcomes


  • Graduates will demonstrate their knowledge of mathematics in finding solutions for engineering problems.

  • Graduates will demonstrate their ability in designing system, product or process applying their knowledge in Computer Science and Engineering domains.

  • Graduates will demonstrate an ability to analyze, design, test and implement computing solutions addressing the need of the society.

  • Graduates will demonstrate an ability to design solutions for real life problems through engineering approach.

  • Graduate will be capable of broad approaches and demonstrate them through deriving solutions.

  • Graduates will have the ability to function on multi-disciplinary areas of Computer Science and Engineering

  • Graduates are expected to engage themselves in life-long learning.

  • The graduates will be able to succeed in competitive examinations.

  • The graduates will be able to communicate effectively with their colleagues wherever they work either in India or   abroad.

  • Graduates will demonstrate their technological application towards environment and ecological balance with professional and  

           ethical approaches in every endeavor they participate.

  •  Graduates are expected to posse’s ability to use the techniques, skills and modern tools for engineering practice.